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We have just launched BuddyGalaxy online training courses & video tutorials, where you will learn how to build your website with wordpress, how to use wordpress’ themes, plugins, tools, features, and many more to create a functional, professional, beautiful looking website for your personal use, business, community, organisation, etc. Everything about building a website with wordpress in one single place. We will update you about this service later.

At the moment, we provide WordPress NOW training course, which is a private lesson that will teach you to build your site in just 1 day! It’s a one-to-one training class with a step-by-step instruction, walking you through the process of creating your wordpress site the way you want it in 1 day.

The price is only £495 + VAT, and can take place at either your office/home, or via Skype. The latter one is super genius because it means you can use our service from anywhere in the world. So, if you do not live in UK that’s not a problem. If you have Skype, you can always use our private training course, and learn how to build your wordpress site from the ground up.

If you can do it yourself, it will save you time and money to hire a website designer or web developer. So our WordPress NOW private training course is really good value for money, indeed.

Ready to get started? To book or enquire about WordPress NOW, email onlinetraining@buddygalaxy.com or call/text +44-07551 851 372.

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