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I am crazy with Jennifer Aniston's hair! I want to have beautiful hair like that, too. So I use all kinds of hair products to style my hair and take care of it, such as hair tonic, hair spray. I think hair is one of the most important parts in your look. P
Buppha Witt · 8 hours ago

This Fall fashion focuses on a raw motorcycle style look with torn jeans, printed tee, leather jacket, boots, etc., which I like it. It's casual, but at the same time smart & cool. You can reuse the look in any season - not just this season. I love wea
Buppha Witt · 11 hours ago

There's a new dating app in town single people! Happn is the name. Start looking for a date, a partner, and that special someone with this new app today. If you are single you might want to check this dating app out. Why not? It's a cool app, I think. It d
Buppha Witt · 15 hours ago

There are so many beautiful places I want to go in Thailand. Each region in Thailand has its own tradition, custom, spoken language, accent, and so on, which makes it unique and interesting. I myself come from the Northeast region of Thailand (ภาคอีสาน). A
Buppha Witt · Yesterday

Sometimes, I like having just fruit for breakfast. It's so light, easy to digest, and healthy. I have read somewhere that if you want to get the most out of the fruit you have to eat it while your stomach is empty. The vitamin in the fruit will then be abs
Buppha Witt · 2 days ago

It's raining outside again. I'm having smoked salmon on toast for lunch. I love fish and seafood. If I lived in Thailand I would eat seafood and fish every day because it's cheaper to buy seafood over there, and also because it's easier to buy or have it a
Buppha Witt · 2 days ago

I had bought some new clothes for the Autumn two days ago, for example, sweater, top, t-shirt, bra, bag - all in basic colours, such as black, white, gray. These colours are the new tones for the Fall, which suit the weather at the moment very well. I love
Buppha Witt · 3 days ago

I have been out all day again today. I went to Spitalfields Market and Brick lane Market looking for something unique for my wardrobe and home, and to finish my weekend in style. On Sunday, there are always lots and lots of people at the markets. So, it's
Buppha Witt · 3 days ago

The English weather can be quite annoying sometimes. It's raining most of the time. It's raining cats and dogs about an hour ago. And I just got back home from shopping (again). It has been quite a long day for me today. Now I'm tired and hungry. So now I'
Buppha Witt · 4 days ago

I went shopping yesterday. I bought an eyeliner and a black dress. The reason I went shopping because I wanted to buy a new coat for the Autumn. I saw a nice black coat a couple of days ago in a shop in Oxford Street, so I thought to myself I will have to
Buppha Witt · 5 days ago
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